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Some Ways to Distribute Your Important Items to Specific People

You may be a person, who over the years has collected, or otherwise obtained various physical items that may have emotional value to you or your family, and also may have monetary value. How can you be certain these items will go to the person or persons you prefer, and not just be part of […]

How do Payable on Death, Transferable on Death, and In Trust For Financial Account Designations Differ from Joint Accounts?

There are various ways to title financial accounts. These options will impact how the accounts will be distributed upon your death. A financial account titled in your name only is known as a sole account and has no designated beneficiaries. This type of account becomes part of you probate estate and will need to go […]

What Are Some of the Expenses of Opening and Maintaining an Adult Guardianship in Florida?

Petitioning a Court to become the guardian of an adult can sometimes be a costly process. Many clients are surprised when they find out just how expensive becoming the guardian of a loved one can be. Not only are there Court costs that must be paid, there are attorney’s legal fees as well as the […]

I Have Real Property, Should it be Titled in my Name Individually, or the Name of my Trust?

There are various options how to title real property. Real property can be titled (1) individually, only in your name, (2) in your name with another person, or (3) in a Trust. Holding real property in the Trust means that the real property is held ‘in Trust’ and you control the Trust as Trustee.  It […]

Must My Child Be My Personal Representative or Trustee?

You love your children. You have devoted a lot of love and effort to raise them to hopefully become responsible, independent, and reliable adults. However, are they the right choice to be designated as your Personal Representative in your Will or designated as your Trustee in your Trust? Remember, a Personal Representative and Trustee under […]

Where Should I Keep My Florida Estate Planning Documents?

You have finally met with an experienced Estate Planning and Orlando Probate Attorney and have had your Estate Planning documents prepared. Now your next decision is where to place these very important documents. As an Estate Planning attorney, one question that I am often asked is, “Where should I store my Estate Planning documents?”  The […]

You Are Ready to Start Preparing Your Estate Plan, What Steps Should You Take?

One of the most important initial steps to take is to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable Orlando estate planning and probate attorney. You should only meet with an attorney that has years of experience in this area of law, and that devotes a large part of their practice to this specific […]

Your Minor Child has Inherited Substantial Property, Now What?

Although in Florida natural guardians (birth or adoptive parents) have all the rights and authority over their minor child’s “person”, natural guardians do not have all of the rights and power over the minor’s “property”. Parents are authorized on behalf of their minor children to settle, collect, receive, and manage real or personal property distributed […]

Estate Planning, Things You Should Consider When Seeing an Attorney

Estate planning is often more involved and complex than most people consider when embarking upon the task of planning for their future.  In addition to issues that affect your family and control of your assets after your death, your estate planning should also take into consideration the following issues: Providing for the guardianship of minor […]

When does Irrational Behavior Become Incapacity in Terms of a Guardianship?

Distinguishing between irrational behavior and incompetence can be difficult. It is not uncommon for older adults to develop persisting fears, worries, and complaints that may be irrational or paranoid. This can often be related to an underlying cognitive impairment, such as Dementia,  Alzheimers, or other illness, that has not been detected or diagnosed by their […]

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