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Take a Vacation, but not from your Estate Planning Goals

A vacation from work, is a wonderful and often a much needed break from your everyday routine. However, the obligations to your family and loved ones to have an appropriate and effective Estate Plan does not go away on vacation, and is an ongoing goal to accomplish. Family situations change and the need for a […]

Seek Your Independence through Proper Estate Planning

As we get ready to celebrate the United States of America’s Birthday and Independence Day, let us remember to acknowledge and honor the sacrifice of the many who over the years, and to this day, have enabled us to live in freedom in the greatest country on God’s green earth. Our system of justice and […]

Ian L. Gilden, Esquire Recognized as Florida Legal Elite

LAKE MARY, FL. (June 23, 2016) – Ian L. Gilden, Esquire of Ian L. Gilden, P.A. was recently recognized in the 2016 edition of Florida Trend’s Florida Legal Elite™.  The list of 1,144 honorees, published in the July issue of Florida Trend magazine, includes attorneys in private practice as well as top government and non-profit […]

Providing Donations to Charities in Your Estate Planning Documents

You have fortunately been able to provide for your family and have the financial ability to also make donations to charities that you regard as carrying out worthwhile efforts. You can, if you have a Last Will & Testament or a Living Trust, provide by specific bequests certain designated amounts to particular charities of your […]

The Pitfalls of Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning

You may think there is no need for an attorney to prepare your Orlando estate planning documents. You think you can simply go online and get the forms and do it yourself. This can be disastrous. Would you ever consider pulling your own tooth, or any other medical procedure? Then why are you preparing your […]

Providing For Your Beloved Pets Through Estate Planning

You have finally decided to have your Orlando Estate Planning Documents prepared by an experienced Estate Planning Attorney. But did you consider any provisions regarding your furry, feathered or other wonderful pets that bring you joy and comfort and that you share your home with? Is that something that is even possible? The simple answer […]

How to Find an Experienced and Knowledgeable Orlando Estate Planning Attorney

  You finally decided it is time to have your Orlando Estate Planning Documents prepared, but what is your next step? You may want to ask friends, neighbors and co-workers if they know and have used an Estate Planning attorney that accomplished their goals and that they were pleased with their documents. You also may […]

How Can I Become a Personal Representative of an Estate When There is No Will?

Sadly, your spouse of many wonderful years passed away. You want to become Personal Representative of the estate, but your spouse never had a Last Will and Testament prepared. What do you do to accomplish that goal? You should promptly contact an experienced Orlando Probate and Estate Attorney. Compile a list of questions you want […]

Potential Probate Issues When The Personal Representative May Become the Creditor of the Estate

You just got appointed Personal Representative of an estate. Through the efforts of your Orlando probate attorney you now have authority to act regarding the estate pursuant to Letters of Administration being granted by the probate Judge. This is when you should always contact your attorney if you have any questions regarding your authority to […]

Do I Need an Estate Plan If I Leave Everything to One of My Children?

DO I NEED AN ESTATE PLAN IF I LEAVE EVERYTHING TO ONE OF MY CHILDREN, AND THAT CHILD PROMISES ME THAT MY OTHER CHILDREN WILL RECEIVE THEIR SHARE OF MY ESTATE? The quick answer, you certainly do need an Orlando estate planning attorney. Suppose you have three adult children, and you have a joint investment […]

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