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Providing For Your Beloved Pets Through Estate Planning

You have finally decided to have your Orlando Estate Planning Documents prepared by an experienced Estate Planning Attorney. But did you consider any provisions regarding your furry, feathered or other wonderful pets that bring you joy and comfort and that you share your home with? Is that something that is even possible? The simple answer […]

How to Find an Experienced and Knowledgeable Orlando Estate Planning Attorney

  You finally decided it is time to have your Orlando Estate Planning Documents prepared, but what is your next step? You may want to ask friends, neighbors and co-workers if they know and have used an Estate Planning attorney that accomplished their goals and that they were pleased with their documents. You also may […]

How Can I Become a Personal Representative of an Estate When There is No Will?

Sadly, your spouse of many wonderful years passed away. You want to become Personal Representative of the estate, but your spouse never had a Last Will and Testament prepared. What do you do to accomplish that goal? You should promptly contact an experienced Orlando Probate and Estate Attorney. Compile a list of questions you want […]

Potential Probate Issues When The Personal Representative May Become the Creditor of the Estate

You just got appointed Personal Representative of an estate. Through the efforts of your Orlando probate attorney you now have authority to act regarding the estate pursuant to Letters of Administration being granted by the probate Judge. This is when you should always contact your attorney if you have any questions regarding your authority to […]

Do I Need an Estate Plan If I Leave Everything to One of My Children?

DO I NEED AN ESTATE PLAN IF I LEAVE EVERYTHING TO ONE OF MY CHILDREN, AND THAT CHILD PROMISES ME THAT MY OTHER CHILDREN WILL RECEIVE THEIR SHARE OF MY ESTATE? The quick answer, you certainly do need an Orlando estate planning attorney. Suppose you have three adult children, and you have a joint investment […]

Spring Into Estate Planning and Protect Your Family

The New Year is no longer new. The days are getting warmer, daylight is increasing and you still have not met with an Orlando Estate Planning attorney to have your goals set forth in properly prepared legally valid documents. So what is the big deal, why the rush? To be certain you are able to […]

What Every Divorced Person Should Do Regarding Their Estate Planning, Especially if They Have Minor Children.

You just went through a difficult and ugly divorce. You now have your final divorce papers. You may think everything is wrapped up. But wait, what about your Orlando estate planning documents? Most married couples designate their spouse to act for them in their Orlando estate planning documents. Do you still want your former spouse […]

Why Every Adult Should Have Proper Estate Planning Documents

Florida regards anyone over the age of eighteen as an adult. Well, you say, I am young and do not have a lot of money, so why should I care? The reason is, life happens, and you need to be prepared as much as possible. For example, if you are married and you become incapacitated, […]

Should You Always Designate A Family Member to be Your Guardian?

A proper estate plan, should include provisions in your Living Trust, and/or in your Last Will and Testament as well as a separate document, for someone known as a Guardian to act on your behalf, if and when you become incapacitated. The separate document is known as a Pre-need Declaration of Guardian. When having your […]

March into Your Estate Planning, Why You Need an Estate Plan for Your Minor Children

You have children less than eighteen (18) years of age. The State of Florida does not allow so called minors to own or hold property in their name alone. Part of what your estate planning attorney in Orlando should provide for someone designated in your Testamentary Trust, a Trust within your Last Will and Testament, […]

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