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Thankful for our American Legal System

Imagine you are living in the year 1200, and you are accused by the Sheriff of trespassing on land that you claim is yours to farm and cultivate and are accused of stealing the Duke’s pigs, when you claim they are yours. Do you think you will be provided a lawyer to consult with and […]

What Happens When You Cannot Act For Yourself?

There may be situations when you are unable to make decisions for yourself.  There are various documents that you can have prepared by an experienced Orlando estate planning attorney to authorize someone to act on your behalf. This is very important to establish that the person you want to act on your behalf has the […]

Why Do I Need a Will?

You have worked hard to accumulate money and other valuable assets, you have a spouse and children, and you want control over issues after your death. Do you prefer the State of Florida to make the decisions regarding your estate?  Or, do you want to make these decisions when you are able by taking advantage […]

Guardianship as an Option for Persons Suffering Memory Loss and Impairment

The signs are disturbing. Neighbors tell you your Mother is wandering away from her house and having difficulty returning home. Your Father is forgetting to take his medications. A once vibrant Brother or Sister is forgetting the names of their friends and relatives. If these behaviors and others are creating difficulty, an examination or referral […]

Income Eligibility for Medicaid

Income Eligibility for Medicaid Medicaid programs offer assistance to needy persons who cannot afford to pay for their medical care. The federal and individual state governments jointly administer Medicaid. While federal statutes and regulations provide the template, each state establishes its own methodology for administering its Medicaid program. Among other things, Medicaid covers nursing home […]

Housing – Reverse Mortgages – HECM

Housing – Reverse Mortgages – HECM In an ordinary home equity loan, a homeowner borrows money against the equity in his or her home, making payments to reduce the loan balance after the funds are received. As payments are made, the principal balance of the loan decreases. A reverse mortgage allows a homeowner to access […]

Part A – Home Health Care and Confinement

Part A – Home Health Care and Confinement Medicare Part A will cover many of the costs associated with home health care if the care is both medically reasonable and necessary. If the patient is not entitled to Part A coverage, Part B may provide coverage. How Is Eligibility Determined? To be eligible for coverage, […]

Housing – Federal Public Housing Programs – § 231 Housing Mortgage Insurance For The Elderly

Housing – Federal Public Housing Programs – § 231 Housing Mortgage Insurance For The Elderly The § 231 program provides low-interest, fixed-rate mortgage loans to housing developers for either construction or rehabilitation of rental units occupied by the elderly or the handicapped. Through this program, lenders are insured against losses on mortgages given to build […]

Physician-Assisted Suicide

Physician-Assisted Suicide As terminal illnesses affect America’s aging population and technology levels increase, some states have enacted legislation either permitting or disallowing physician-assisted suicide.Those who oppose physician-assisted suicide argue that helping a patient commit suicide contravenes the physician’s core purpose of healing They also assert that although the right would initially only apply to terminally […]

Distribution Provisions

Distribution Provisions Spray ProvisionsA very common and valuable provision seen in most family trusts and invariably in dynasty trusts is the spray or sprinkle provision. Where there is more than one beneficiary, this provision allows the trustee to distribute (spray) the income and/or principal among the beneficiaries in varying proportions as the trustee feels appropriate, […]

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