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A Frightening Orlando Area Estate Planning Tale

As Halloween quickly approaches with thoughts of ghosts, witches, and goblins, let this tale of woe be a warning to all who do not have valid, legally appropriate Orlando estate planning documents. A potential client met with me for a probate administration consultation. She promptly described all of the horrible things her evil sister did […]

Siblings Fighting Over Who Will Be Personal Representative of Dad’s Estate

Sadly, your father has passed away. You had a wonderful relationship, and want to be certain that his Estate Plans are properly carried out. Unfortunately, you have a terrible relationship with your only surviving brother or sister. Mom previously passed away many years ago. Your sibling is very troubled, has had difficulty with substance abuse, […]

What To Do If Your Sibling Files for Guardianship of Your Parent

Probably not a surprise, but not all brothers and sisters agree, nor do they all like each other. Unfortunately, there are situations where siblings absolutely hate each other, and likely do not talk to each other. This can be an extremely bad situation when one of these siblings files for Orlando Guardianship regarding one of […]

Ancillary Probate for Out of State Property

One of the situations a lot of people may not be familiar with, is what must be done if a Florida resident dies, but also owns property or assets outside of the state of Florida. This is why it is so very important to carefully review what the decedent owned, and where all the assets […]

Deciding When Your Aging Parent Needs Help at Home

Aging hopefully will be a process that involves new adventures, continued learning, and quality time with family and friends.    However, certain situations may require some assistance, perhaps from an Orlando guardianship attorney, for that to safely occur. One of the most difficult decisions can involve whether an aging parent can continue to live in their […]

Why Do I Need a Probate/Estate Planning Attorney Instead of an Attorney That Does Everything?

In today’s practice of law it is very difficult to do all kinds of law and excel in all areas. The practice of law is constantly evolving and changing. It is impossible to keep current in all areas of practice and provide appropriate legal services. Beware the Attorney who practices “Door Law”. That is, they […]

Proper Storage of Your Estate Planning Documents

You finally have your Orlando Estate Planning Documents properly prepared by an experienced Estate Planning Attorney, now where should your original documents be stored? You have the choice of storing your documents in your safe deposit box, or if you have a secure safe in your home or office that is another option. However, if […]

You Are Not the Personal Representative of the Estate, Do You Need an Attorney to Represent You During Probate?

The Orlando Probate process can at times be confusing and frustrating. This can apply especially if you are a beneficiary of an estate. You may have questions regarding the probate process, what information you are entitled to receive, what your rights are as a beneficiary, and what you can or cannot do as a beneficiary. […]

Estate Planning When an Elderly Parent Divorces or Their Spouse Dies

After your elderly mother or father divorced, or their spouse died, you should try to have a discussion about their Orlando Estate Planning Documents. That may not be an easy discussion, but one that should occur. It is crucial that the proper Estate Planning Documents have been properly updated, or if none exist, to have […]

How Do I Plan to Obtain a Successor Guardian, When I No Longer Can Act As a Guardian?

You have been the Court Appointed Guardian for your spouse or other family member for many years. However, you are getting older and have your own challenges to deal with that are making it very difficult for you to continue your obligations as Guardian. How can you arrange for someone else to replace you as […]

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