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Beware of Misleading Florida Estate Planning Articles

Once again I was reading my local Florida Newspaper and read an article by a so-called nationwide advice columnist misleading readers on an important estate planning topic. A person who was legally adopted who is now an adult, told the “advice” columnist that she wants to be adopted by her biological birth parents to inherit […]

Florida Estate Planning for Your Pet

Pets, for all their admirable and unique qualities, are not human beings and are not treated under Florida law as such. Florida law currently regards a pet as property. You cannot leave money or any other kind of property directly to your pets. Under Florida law, a pet cannot own property, and it cannot be […]

Declare Your Florida Estate Planning Independence

This past 4th of July, as we celebrated our great nation’s birthday, let us be grateful for those whose sacrifices have made this great country possible, and be thankful for those who by their current sacrifices allow us to enjoy our liberty and freedom. One of our great freedoms is to be able to work […]

Lake Mary Paralegal Achieves Advanced Certification in Estate Planning

Leslie M. Norton, APC, FRP a paralegal with Ian L. Gilden, P.A. in Lake Mary, Florida, has been awarded the prestigious Advanced Certified Paralegal designation by The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). This is a National Paralegal Association. Leslie completed the requirements in June 2017 for advanced certification in the area of Estate Planning. […]

Fake and Inaccurate News Articles Regarding Florida Trust and Estate Planning

Please be very careful when trying to obtain Florida Estate and Trust Planning advice by only relying on what you read on the internet or sometimes in newspaper articles. Florida Law is specific as to Trust and Probate Administration and not all laws in all states are the same. Recently in a certain Florida newspaper, […]

When is it Necessary to Probate a Florida Estate?

Whether a Florida estate needs to go through the process of Probate Administration will depend on the circumstances of each estate. Typically an estate will need to go through Probate Administration if the decedent owned any property in his or her sole name. That means, that there are no other joint owners, designated beneficiaries, transfer […]

When Does a Court Approved Guardian Need Court Approval To Move A Florida Ward?

Pursuant to Florida Statute §744.1098 (formerly 744.2025), you are required to obtain Court approval prior to changing a Ward’s residence when you are changing the residence from the state of Florida to another state; from Florida to a Foreign Country or Territory; or from one county of Florida to another county of Florida that are […]

How to Establish a Florida Guardianship for Your Adult Child

Things often happen that are completely out of your control.  For example, imagine you have an adult child in his late twenties, unmarried, with an established career.  His life was on track and headed in the right direction. One day he went out for a weekend fishing trip with some friends. A horrific car accident […]

What County Must I Have My Attorney File In to Open a Florida Guardianship?

Your elderly parent unfortunately, is in need of a legal Guardian to be appointed, and must have a Florida Guardianship established. For years your Mother has lived in the marital home she owned with your Father in Seminole County, Florida. Your Father who was responsible for and handled their financial matters recently passed away.  Your […]

Some Ways to Distribute Your Important Items to Specific People

You may be a person, who over the years has collected, or otherwise obtained various physical items that may have emotional value to you or your family, and also may have monetary value. How can you be certain these items will go to the person or persons you prefer, and not just be part of […]

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