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Selecting the right Attorney when you are the Designated Personal Representative

If you are accepting the responsibility of acting as a Personal Representative, you will want to seek the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable probate and estate attorney in Orlando. Often, you may obtain referrals from family, co-workers, acquaintances, or other professionals. You also can perform a web search for probate attorneys in your area […]

When is a Florida Summary Administration Appropriate?

Summary Administration is a form of Florida probate that does not require the appointment of a Florida Personal Representative.  A Florida Summary Administration typically takes less time, and expense than a Formal Administration. Pursuant to Florida Statute 735.201, for an estate to qualify for Summary Administration in Florida, it must meet the following qualifications: (1) That the value of […]

Should You Include Funeral Arrangements as Part of Your Florida Estate Planning?

When preparing your Florida estate planning, it is also important to make arrangements for your funeral. Understandably, this is not likely to be a pleasant process. However, planning your own funeral can save your loved ones considerable tension, anxiety, pressure, and time in the hours and days after your passing. An experienced and knowledgeable Florida estate […]

Reasons You Should Update Your Estate Plan

Generally it is advisable to review your estate plan every three (3) to five (5) years, and after any major life changes.  A complete estate plan typically includes a Trust and/or a Last Will and Testament, a Durable Power of Attorney, a Designation of Healthcare Surrogate, a Living Will, a HIPAA Release, and a Designation […]

What Happens In a Florida Probate, When the Original Will Cannot Be Located?

  Consider this scenario, your Father died, and you cannot locate the original of his Last Will and Testament. You think that the original has been lost or misplaced. You Father never expressed to you or anyone else any intention to revoke or change his Will.  It is unusual for a lost Will to have […]

Removing a Florida Court Appointed Guardian

If you have a reasonable basis that you can substantiate, that the court-appointed Guardian is improperly caring for your loved one, the Ward, or not properly performing their fiduciary obligations, you can seek the removal of the Guardian through proper court proceedings. There are various reasons that you may want to further investigate the possibility […]

Benefits of a Florida Revocable Living Trust

Some of the advantages of a Florida Revocable Living Trust include flexibility, privacy, avoiding probate, and the ability to plan for eventual disability or incapacity. Typically, also such Trusts can potentially protect the Trust creator’s assets from probate and creditors. Revocable Trusts are set up during the lifetime of the Trust’s creator. The creator of […]

Using a Financial Advisor as Part of Your Florida Estate Planning Team

You have worked hard and have accumulated various assets that you want to pass onto your spouse and children. You want to be aware of the tax consequences regarding your planning. Therefore, you want to hire an experienced and knowledgeable Florida Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.). You want to have the ability to know what estate […]

The Rights of a Beneficiary in Florida Probate Administration

The beneficiary of a Florida estate being administered in Florida has certain rights pursuant to the applicable Florida Laws in the Florida Probate Code and the Florida Probate Rules. The most crucial rights of a beneficiary are: (1) the right to be provided notice of all relevant details of the estate administration, (2) the right […]

What is a Florida Guardianship Bond?

A Florida Guardianship Bond is critical in those situations when a court-appointed individual Guardian does not perform and fulfill their obligations to act responsibly and make the appropriate decisions regarding both the personal and property rights of the Ward. Florida Courts require that all Guardians in the state of Florida carry a bond to protect […]

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